Acoustics rule checking

Pieter Pauwels
28 October 2009



Query for the acoustic performance

  1. Install EYE: see
  2. Test run EYE and see that everything is installed correctly
  3. See all possible EYE commands on
  4. open command line
  5. run "eye --nope instances20091028.n3 NBNS014001rules20091028.n3 EN12354rules20091028.n3 --query query20091028.n3 > output.n3"
  6. find the retrieved RDF statements in the output.n3 file

Edit rules

  1. open up NBNS014001rules20091028.n3, EN12354rules20091028.n3 or query.n3 in any notepad application
  2. start editing

Reference publication

Pieter Pauwels, Davy Van Deursen, Ruben Verstraeten, Jos De Roo, Ronald De Meyer, Rik Van de Walle and Jan Van Campenhout. A semantic rule checking environment for building performance checking. AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION. 20(5) (2011). p.506-518.